A Design Discovery

Inspiring, succinct, and adept

From your first thought until you turn the key to your new home, A Design Discovery leads you through each step. The discovery process of design inspired Annette Stahl to create a company that celebrates imagination. Her goal is to bring the home of your dreams to life while staying true to your budget. As the lead of an expansive team of experts, Annette designs and drafts a home that reflects your personal style and the way you want to live.

“Imagine the freedom to create or the simple joy of enjoying the design discovery process.”




Build / Design Partners

Dultmeier Homes

Shaping a Design/Build team has been a dream for Annette. It’s an integrated process, similar to a football team’s offense and defense. Both are equally important to the success of the project and client experience. It’s bringing design and construction together to create one team. A client understands how they want their kitchen to function or how they want to feel when they open their eyes in their master suite, but the process between a piece of ground and the garage they pull into at the end of the day can feel overwhelming. By combining the Design/Build team, Annette is able to assist clients on understanding what their payments will be and discuss budget while drafting the plan. Why draft a home 100 sq ft more than you can afford? Bringing drafting lines to life with 3-D renderings, clients can visualize new space. Placing furniture in the rooms allows client to see how the space will flow.

“Discover how you want to live and the home to support the life you imagine.”


Our Clients

Clients mean EVERYTHING

In order to ensure a high level of dedicated service and attention, A Design Discovery limits their building partners to some of the best in the industry. We limit the number of clients at any single moment and keep a wait-list, which allows us to keep our service dedicated. A Design Discovery enjoys countless repeat clients who consider Annette their designer for life! Designing homes with quality design, imaginative details, and at an amazing value, Annette continually exceeds her clients' expectations. Trusting in her inherent gift of design, Annette’s clients continue to call upon her talents to transform their homes and their referrals remain her greatest marketing strategy.

“Keep it simple – adding just the right details to express your personal style.”


A Design Discovery – Discover Your Style that makes you smile

As explained by Annette Stahl



“A journey with a client begins with discovery. Discovering what life they are looking to live – their specific wishes, budgets, and what has inspired them to seek change. After we love it, loose it or use it – we find a place for everything we love or use and everything has its place. Unlike pristine design magazine pictures we live in the real world of kids, pets, entertaining, working . . . so creating a home that makes living simple is where true living begins.”


“When you look through my portfolio, you discover many different styles and tastes.
That is because each project is designed exclusively with the client in mind. After we discover the life they imagine - it becomes easy to create a home that is uniquely theirs.”


“This is where I pour it on! Every home I design suits its homeowner perfectly, but it is my job to incorporate more style than anyone would ordinary feel comfortable pulling together on his/her own. This becomes the WOW factor every client is ultimately looking for!”

Makes you Smile

“Celebrate your home!
A small detail or a soulful mix of collectibles may remind you of a favorite memory from childhood...A laughing orange wall, that upon seeing, your lips can’t help but curl at the edges...Walking into the new home you built that reflects you and celebrates you!"

"Discover your style that makes you smile.”